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We are organizing ECO-FRIENDLY individual and group tours in Almaty and around the city.

Depending on how many days you are staying in Almaty, we are offering you combination of options where you can explore city and beautiful nature that surrounds it

Snowboarding and skiing at Shymbulak Ski Resort
Main attraction and pearl of Almaty region in one day
Unique opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the canyon and walk in the Valley of Castles
Tour to UNESCO World Heritage site where you can visit petroglyph site and Nomad film set.
One day tour to enjoy great views of the plateau, take photo in front of the observatory and chill by Issyk Lake
One day tour to enjoy crystal waters of Issyk Lake and hike to Bear waterfalls
Tour where you can see all main attractions of the city in 8 hours
Tour where you can see all main attractions of the city in 5 hours
Two main destinations of Almaty region in one tour
Stargazing tour to Assy Plateau and hike to Bear Waterfalls
Tour where you can see all main attractions of the city, try Kazakh cuisine, and visit Shymbulak Ski Resort
Important aspect of our service is to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable tours. Our team actively working in the topic of Sustainable Tourism. Currently, Easy Nomad is developing Carbon Offset project at the EFES&Most Hub Accelerator program and creating other eco projects.
One of the main priority of our tours is your safety and comfort. Our team consists of certified guides, who were trained to provide the best service in the city and nature: deliver a guided tour, landscape orientation and mountain trekking skills. Moreover, team members were trained to provide first aid and got corresponding certificates.
from Great Britain
This was my first time in Central Asia, and I could not have asked for a better introduction. From Almaty’s cosmopolitanism, friendly people and endless coffee shops to Charyn Canyon, from Kolsai & Kaindy Lakes to a stay in an authentic Kazakh village, our guide Daniyar could not have prepared a better itinerary. There's something for everyone in Kazakhstan!

from Canada
Exceptional tour through the Almaty region. From local cuisine prepared by grandmothers to mountain hikes on top of lakes to sipping coffee in local cafes, the tour offers an incredible view into this up and coming region, this is a hidden treasure for sure. Book now before it becomes too busy.

from China and Dubai
Kazakhstan is the first country I visited after almost 2.5 years of COVID no-traveling, and it did not disappoint me. Central Asia has always been a region veiled with mystery. Having limited knowledge about the region and country, I find my short trip to Almaty extremely pleasant with many expectancies.

Kazakhstan, and particularly Almaty, has a long and rich history. The collision between different cultures from the West and the East throughout history as well as the relatively recent Soviet influence made Kazakhstan a melting pot of various ethnicities. It was fascinating to see the influence of these ethnics group on the everyday lives of the Kazakh people. The country is also rich in its natural scenery. From the Charyn Canyon which stretches 154km in length, to Lake Kaindy where birch trees rise above the surface of the water, and Shymbulak Mountain which is charming in both the summer and the winter. The vast natural scenery was all I wanted for my first proper getaway.

I was super grateful for my friend and host from the country, Daniyar. Thanks to his advice prior to our trip, we were able to make the most of our short stay and visit all the highlights without exhausting ourselves. In addition, we were lucky to explore some of the most authentic and tasty Kazakh food under his hospitality which we probably would never be able to find as tourists.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan a lot, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is eager to uncover this piece of a hidden gem. If you do plan to come, feel free to connect with Daniyar who can show you the most authentic side of Kazakhstan.

from Estonia
I went to Almaty for a week, working half of the time remotely. Thanks to Daniyar, I could make the most of the trip. He showed me around some key areas, sharing insights on how the city has changed over the years. Every day he was very responsive, giving suggestions for top cafes to focus on work, as well as hints on where to go out. The top highlight was the hike to Kok Zhailau. I fell in love with Kazakhstan and surely will be back very soon.

from Dubai&Russia
I’ve had an absolutely great experience with Easy Nomad. It was my first time in Almaty and their friendly and knowledgeable staff organized everything for me, from the airport transfer to the sightseeing and even restaurant bookings. Would totally recommend Easy Nomad to anyone visiting Kazakhstan for the first time or otherwise.

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