Kolsay & Kaindy
Lakes and Charyn
Duration | 2 days
4 hours of trekking
Walking distance | 5 km
Kolsay & Kaindy Lakes and Charyn Canyon are the most picturesque destinations and “must visit” attractions in Almaty region that you cover in two day tour. You will have opportunity to visit canyon, enjoy its amazing view, and walk and explore the Castle Valley created by rocks and sands.
In just couple of hours from the Canyon, we will change the landscape and appear in mountains, so called Kazakhstani Switzerland. There you will enjoy pure nature and wonderful Kolsay lakes.
Not far from Kolsay, we will visit one of the wonders of Kazakhstan – Kaindy lake. The lake was formed during the earthquake that blocked the river path, which in turn resulted in collection of water on the forest. Tops of the trees still rise above the water creating amazing view that you cannot see anywhere in the world.
Day 1
08:00 am - Departure from Almaty
11:00 am - Arrival to the Canyon
2:00 pm - Check in, lunch
4:00 pm - Arrival to Kolsay lake
7:00 pm - Arrival to Satty VIllage
Day 2
08:00 am - Breakfast
09:30 am - Arrival to the Kaiyndy Lake
12:00 pm - Arrival to Black Canyon
2:00 pm- Lunch
5:00 pm - Arrival to Almaty
What is included
  • Transportation with driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodation with Wi-Fi 
  • Entrance tickets to all national parks
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    water (2 liters per person)
  • Personal Expenses
What to bring with you
Warm and preferably waterproof jacket
(due to the activities you should wear clothes by layers, so you can easily put on and off clothes)

Sunscreen, sunglasses
Waterproof shoes, preferably for hiking and trekking
(shoe sole must not be flat, grass can be a bit slippery)
Bug spray
Cost of the tour depends on amount of people
For 1 person
For 2 people
240$ each person
For 3 people
220$ each person
For 4 people
200$ each person
For 5 people
180$ each person
For 6+ people
160$ each person
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